Everything you Need to Know About Watches for Men and Women

You can’t hold time but you can wear a timepiece and make sure that you make it worth every occasion. However, if you are planning to get a new watch, you should know some essentials before buying one. There is a variety of components, features, and materials available in the market. Here’s a watch guide covering everything you need to know about watches including various types, styles, brands, and other variations available for men and women.


Majorly, all types of watches are categorized into digital, analog, and analog/digital ones. In analog watch, minute and hour hands point to the time with hours represented as Roman numerals, marks, or numbers. These watches are considered as traditional and used for formal & business occasions. In digital watches, time is shown in numerical on either LED or LCD dial face, and these are meant for casual occasions. And, when these two types are combined in one, that forms the analog/digital category. You can wear these watches daily and also at work but are not good for formal events.

Materials Available in Market

For selecting the band and case of the watch, materials matter and this depends on the style, price, type, and brand. The case holds the watch’s face and is usually made up of resin, plastic, brass, steel, titanium, platinum, silver, or gold. While a band is also made up of all the materials used in cases, there are some extra options like fake and real leather, exotic skins, and canvas. The material’s price varies vastly. The watches made up of plastic are less expensive as compared to precious metals like silver metal, and platinum. The price also changes with the value of the material used.

Movement Types

Watches use mainly three movement types, such as quartz, mechanical, and battery. The battery movement uses batteries as their only power source. These watches are least luxurious and available at clothing and department stores. In the quartz movement watches, the battery power is sent via quartz placed inside the watch. These types of watches are more expensive as compared to the former ones but they have the highest accuracy as well. And, the mechanical movement depends on the winding that is either automatic or manual. Their designs make them the costliest and the most luxurious.

Available Styles

There are numerous styles of watches available for different occasions like work, going out, casual outfits, sports, and formal events. Field, divers, or sports watches are a perfect match to be used during swimming and running and carry a few extra features too. You should consider a ‘dress watch’ if you want one for formal events, dates, and work. Casual watches are used as daily wear. Prominently styled ones are the gadget watches that gain a reputation every year and are one of the most popular styles among tech-savvy wearers. They include next-gen features like digital cameras, e-mailing, and calendars. The range varies for various watch styles in terms of price, functions, design, and brand.


You should go through the various types of brands and select your favorite while keeping your budget in mind. Selecting a brand may be an enormous thing, so search the history of the company and see from how much time they are in this business and what kind of styles they manufacture. You can ask your friends and family who bought watches about their favorite brands. And, you can search on the internet and read views about particular manufacturers and their models.


All the watches for women and men have some basic and elaborate models. The dress watch can only tell the time while a mini-computer is fitted into the casual ones. And, sports watches tell you the traveled distance, calories burned, and heart rate. The watches that have more features are costlier but if you need those, you will have to spend money. You may select a ‘dress watch’ while traveling across international boundaries because it can be used to see the time for different zones.

Watch features like shock absorbance and water-resistance can also be considered. The water resistance for a generic watch will handle rainstorms and spills. However, a higher-level one can handle more water, probably 50 to a 1000 meters, that adds protection during deep-sea diving, washing dishes and all the things in between.

Adjust Fitting

When you find all the things that you want in a watch, the last stage is to ensure that the timepiece fits on your wrist. The band of your watch should be close-fitting enough so it doesn’t slide around the wrist and loose enough to not cut off the circulation. The case of the watch should be of a perfect size that makes it look appropriate on your wrist. 

You can test the size of a watch by shifting the watch above and back on your arm. When it moves easily, then it’s too small. And, if you remove the watch and find imprints left son the wrist, it’s very big. However, a perfect fit doesn’t leave any imprint and doesn’t move upward or downward on your arm that easily. 

For a husky or tall person, make sure that the band, as well as the face of the watch, are not very small for the proportions. However, for a small wrist, you should consider a smaller face and band.


There are some people who can spend more money compared to others. While looking for watches, you should decide the range of the price that you are contented with. You may check your finances and then pick a maximum of what you can pay that fulfills your needs. Note that the price of watches at department stores could be less and higher at the designer company. And, the price of a product varies with materials, brands, movements, and watch styles.

Thus, with this, you have the knowledge of everything you need to know about watches. And, now you can make a perfect choice of watches for men as well as women. In addition to these, you should consider buying a watch that fits on your wrist and doesn’t ask you to spend more than your budget. Though choosing a reputable brand with more watch features could need you to spend more but it will prove to be worthy in the long run.


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