Watch Buying Guide - How to Choose a Perfect Watch for Women and Men?

Everyone has their own taste in style and design for watches. It can be overwhelming to shop for a new timepiece when you are unaware of what you should look for. There are a variety of watches available in the market, varying in terms of quality, cost, and brand. This watch buying guide will help you select the one that you want and not waste your money. Below are some tips that can help you choose the perfect watch for you or your loved ones.

How to choose perfect watches for women?

Match the Style

A watch must match the woman’s personality and style. For instance, if the woman is a working lady, you should consider various watch styles that go on and will be useful in her work field. Also, consider their wardrobe and lifestyle choices. Here are some common styles of women watches.

  • Casual Watches: These watches usually have a wide face with straps made of leather and easily readable dials. A woman can wear this type daily with casual wear.
  • Dress Watches: One can wear these watches at formal occasions or places with the formal environment. They mainly contain details and gemstones that make it stand out from the rest. Its straps are generally made of beautiful metal bands and leather.
  • Fashion Watches: With its delicate detailing, the watches add a style touch to one’s appearance. These watches are impressive and incorporated into straps and can be used as a bracelet as well.
  • Sport’s Watches: These watches are used for outdoor purposes. Their straps are typically made of beautiful rubber and have a digital UI and timer.


Many watches are made up of a metal watch case that is used for the protection of elegant insides. One of the popular metals is stainless steel. And, you can also choose silver or rose gold for an elegant look. A color matching the complexion of the wearer is always a better choice. However, for sports watches, functionality is the most important aspect, and rubber-made ones come in various colors. On top of all, the black color looks expensive, classy, and also matches various sportswear.


The wearer’s age will particularly influence the color and style of the watch. While considering a watch for a senior lady like your mother, beautiful metal or leather straps with a small face seem perfect. Gold and silver colors can also be an elegant match for her style. The perfect style for the young is a fashionable one made up of gemstones along with a wrist of the bracelet. And, consider gifting her a timepiece of her desired color, she will more appreciate it.

Watch Crystal

A crystal helps protect the watch’s casing. Commonly used gems include mineral, plastic, sapphire, and Plexiglas. And, the crystal type changes with the cost. While plastic crystal watches are low priced, they are more prone to scratches and cracks. On the other hand, the sapphire crystals and mineral glass watches are scratch-resistant and durable. This makes them look like new ones even after using them for many years.

Case Size

Generally, the case width of women’s watches is 34 mm or smaller. But, with the latest trends pouring in, women have also started wearing case sizes of up to 60 mm. But for older and conservative women, small case size better matches their style. A big case with wide brands is perfect for the taller women, while the smaller one works better for petite women.

Interchangeable Bands

Most watches are made with straps that can be changed and come with a variety of bands. Having multiple straps in hand gives versatility to the wearer. A standard watch looks appealing with leather straps of black color, as well as a couple of other shades. And, this allows you to match the straps with the outfits in your wardrobe for a different look at every event while maintaining elegance. In terms of material, a metal band gives you a dressier look while the leather one looks more casual.


Women also care how a watch works. Mechanical, automatic, and quartz are the three types of watch movements available. You should avoid the mechanical ones because they are so old fashioned while quartz is one among the most desired. Besides, these watches are also affordable as compared to an automatic timepiece, while the latter can be a perfect choice for watch enthusiasts.

Shop for Brands

Popular brands are known for their high-quality watches and serve various market segments. One of the major advantages of shopping from a brand’s store is that it helps avoid the duplicate ones available in the market.

Tips to Choose Watches for Men

A delegate watch can increase the charm of your personality. In this part of the watch buying guide, you will learn various factors to consider to buy men’s watches.

Usage Type:

Before selecting a watch, you should consider its usage i.e., for regular wear or some special event. Once you know the usage type, you can select the watch type from formal, semi-formal, and casual ones.


Filter your options as per the need of wearing a watch. You can do this while considering the budget, popularity, dial construction, and strap material. After shortlisting the options according to the preference, compare them for the use type, personality, and outfit match to choose the perfect one.


When you are shopping for men’s watches, the budget is an important factor to consider as there is a wide cost variation available. Then, you can shortlist from the list available for the final piece. It not only saves your time but also lets you buy a watch without burning your pocket.

Going Through Websites:

When you are looking for male watches, the internet could be one of your best options. It gives you plenty of advantages, such as affordability, doorstep delivery, and the latest options alongside a convenient shopping experience.


Check specifications, such as strap length, dial type, and working mechanism before buying the watch.

We hope this watch buying guide will help you, whether you are going to shop for one for yourself or planning to gift someone. While considering the style, select the classics if not sure as it works well for both formal and casual occasions. Also, add an attractive box when you buy women watch to make it appear more tempting and expensive.

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